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I upload icmpcmd.zip to ucsd incoming. It has the ping to file and date/
time changes. Nothing locked in concrete though. In does work. Changes
in the output format, especially the file format may be needed to
accomodate an analysis program better. I.E. fields seperated by comas
or something like that. Also the date/time is represented as
020591:141000 - to save space - the analysis program would not care.
It could be 02-05-91/14:10:00 - give me your ideas on this.

Idea here is to open a ping to file to an IP address with about a 5-10
minute interval and leave it run for days. The drawback of using session
record (as you currently have to do) is that the output has headers
every screen page, the beginning header (and possibly ping) is lost,
and the big one is that the background session stops once the screen buffer
is full.

Give me your input. Also input on other user/display modifications you
would like to see.


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