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Re: Citizens Radio on Internet

>    2.  Should FCC radio rules (or International) be used to regulate Internet?
>Wrong question (though I agree with your answer :-).  The issue
>is whether Internet users should be made aware of the fact that
>a content-restricted RF path exists to a particular destination by:
> A. Noticing that the destination is ".AMPR.ORG" and having been
>    previously warned about commercial traffic to such destinations,
> B. Having a (hypothetical) gateway bounce their message back,
> C. Getting no response from the recipient because a gateway
>    silently routed their message to the bit bucket,
> D. Getting a nasty-gram from the recipient indicating that they'd
>    been shut off from the gateway because of inappropriate content
>    generated on RF by one of their correspondents.

First of all, no, FCC radio rules should not be used to regulate the internet
any more than the FDA's rules on frozen chickens should be used to
regulate interstate speed limits.

Second of all, the burden of enforcing our amatuer radio rules of content
is not and should not be the responsibility of joebob@bozo.xyz.com, just
because he's sending a note to david@n0oxh.ampr.org, whatever that crazy
"n0oxh.ampr.org" address is.

The burden of enforcing content is on the first amatuer radio station
that sends a "naughty" message out his or her antenna.  This puts a
huge burden on folks that choose to put up a gateway between the
rest of the Internet and the ampr.org part of the Internet.  But them's
the rules.

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