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Should we share?

In your message of Thu, 01 Dec 1994 11:15:45 EST, you write:
| > AX.25 routing?  Gag me, Witherspoon!  It is like building large
| > extended LANs.  I sort of make a living now helping clients dig 
| other protocols.  If you can, somehow, use it to connect together
| different radio subnets into one larger, logical subnetwork, then it
| could actually win.  Maybe.

Depends on the situation.  Around here, we are spread out over separate 
frequencies in part to reduce the load on any one frequency --- the early 
everyone-on-144.99 plan showed major problems if someone in Geauga county 
did an FTP and someone in Lake county only heard them marginally (or not at 

And then there's the handful of folks who only use TCP/IP for SMTP and live 
on one of the PBBS frequencies... use an AX.25 bridge on *that* and you have 
a disaster in the making.

In either case, an AX.25 bridge would be a lose here.

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