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Address Allocations in 44.135

First: Barry McLarnon said ---
> >Since Canada has an allotment (44.135.x.y) that is barely sufficient to
> >cover its current amateur population even if administered as a flat
> >address space, I certainly hope that we have *all* of the last 2 octets
> >to work with!
Then Brian Kantor said: 
> Of course you do.  The subnetting scheme discussed here applies only
> within the USA.  Toth came up with some other way to split it up for
> Canada, as (presumably) did each of the other national coordinators.
> And if you need more space, I'll assign another block.  Is every
> Canadian ham really on tcp/ip packet?  That's astonishing!
> 	- Brian
> ------------------------------
So Toth says "Yes, I split up Canada along geographical lines, which is
what our silly politicians have done for years, so it may have been a 
mistake, but it is as good a scheme as anything I could think of ...
Which is why I am happy to observe this mess from the confines of North
Carolina, which is even more behind in networking technology than the area
I left - and they seem HAPPY, so who am I to burst their bubble."

(still waiting for a NC Internet feed!)


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