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Nos problems

I hope this is the correct group to address this problem.  I need help
from a NOS expert, preferably ka9q in its unmodified form.  

1:  When I make ftp connections, the whole process halts after the initial
"connected to 44.xx.xx.xx" message is displayed.  Yet when having packet
trace on, I see "tickle" packets passing back and forth just fine, thanks.
Could this be related to my data rate adjustment inherent in NOS?  How can
those parameters be changed?  Should they be?  

2:  I am unable to resolve most of my ip addresses in hosts.net.  this is
probably owing to my lack of understanding on the proper directory structure -
No amount of verbal explaining it will help, and the manual does not seem
to be correct, for when I follow ti to the letter, I am missing files that
need to be in the path.  So I have had to copy the darned files into every
directory vaguely related to NOS to get things going.  

So my worst problem is this stalling thing.  Nos is still running, packets 
are being sent back and forth, but I am getting nowhere.  This problem, to 
one extent or another has plagued me for years.  I try updating Nos- I try
a new machine - I fiddle with the directory structure - I do this I do that 
I do the other thing.  Nothing helps.  

If anybody out there can help or has some knowlege, I would be very very 
73s n7ttq

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