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Weird headers on email -- non-configuration of Linux Smail..


	I bet you have noticed this kind of messages where
	a large chunk of headers apparently falls into the
	start of the email body.

	Every time I have seen them is when people have not
	paid enough attention on their  Smail  configurations
	before they start using it...  (Like when I installed
	my first Linux system -- I declared it non-functional,
	until I found the missing piece..)

	At least on earlier Slackware (and SLS) packages
	the Smail's DEFAULT configuration does produce
	mal-formed headers like these -- a "header" which
	contains one blank line means end of headers...

	Please pay attention to your configurations, read thru
	the  Mail-HOWTO (in /usr/doc/faq/howto/ directory)
	and what else there is about Smail.

		/Matti Aarnio <mea@utu.fi> OH1MQK

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