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Re: Citizens Radio on Internet

Phil Karn wrote:
> I didn't want my home machine to appear under the qualcomm.com domain,
> so something under ka9q.ampr.org seemed as good as anything.

**** Gee Phil, that means that I can't send mail to you!  See, I configured
my machine so anything.ampr.org goes to the TNC.  Yes, I know that's not
how IP ``really'' works, and it doesn't
work very well for any machine that I can't get a direct smtp link to,
but given that we don't do DNS, and that my main connection is
just UUCP with a single config-file-hard-coded ``smart'' host, I
really couldn't figure any other way to do it.  Surely there are a lot
of amateur TCP'ers doing the same thing....

                           - Jerry Kaidor, KF6VB

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