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Re: Citizens Radio on Internet

> **** Gee Phil, that means that I can't send mail to you!  See, I  
configured my machine so anything.ampr.org goes to the TNC.  Yes, I 

> know that's not how IP ``really'' works, and it doesn't
> work very well for any machine that I can't get a direct smtp link 

> to, but given that we don't do DNS, and that my main connection is
> just UUCP with a single config-file-hard-coded ``smart'' host, I
> really couldn't figure any other way to do it.  Surely there are a 

> lot of amateur TCP'ers doing the same thing....
>                            - Jerry Kaidor, KF6VB

And, there a lot of amateurs who have mail routed via the Internet to  
non-Amateur Radio hosts with MX records listed for xyz.ampr.org  
addresses. If you choose to ignore (or cannot use) the DNS system,  
you will certainly have trouble contacting some people. This isn't a  
deficiency of Phil's use of ampr.org, it is caused by the assumptions  
that you choose to use. '.ampr.org' doesn't mean that a station is  
connected to packet radio, it means that it is a destination  
adminstered by a ham. This is exactly what DNS is for, and what many  
people still do not realise - domain names must *not* be used for  
routing purposes, they are delineators of adminstrative control, not  
route descriptors.

- Richard Chycoski                    richard@sfu.ca (NeXT Mail OK)
  Senior Systems Consultant
  Academic Computing Services
  Simon Fraser University

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