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Re: Linux and a Thinkpad

> Hi guys I have an IBM 750c laptop computer that has no cmos 
> memory and for that reason it cannot boot Linux.


You're in luck. Linux kernels allow you to pass the disk drive
parameters on the boot command line. This should work at the LILO
prompt. Tell it:

	linux hd=cylinders,heads,sectors

The DOS-to-Linux boot programs (I use LOADLIN.EXE) will take
the hd= argument as well.

You can add as many hd= arguments as there are hard disks.
Once you get the system booted, you can use LILO to write that
information permanently into the boot block so that you don't have
to tell it again.

You may have to tweak LILO a bit to put a good Linux boot block on a disk
with broken CMOS. Try leaving out the "linear" flag in the lilo.conf .
If that doesn't work, try leaving out "compact".

Also, try fixing the backup battery so that your CMOS memory will work.
Is your clock broken too?

	Bruce Perens AB6YM

<a href="http://www.rahul.net/perens>Bruce Perens AB6YM</a>
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