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Linux and a Thinkpad

	Hi guys I have an IBM 750c laptop computer that has no cmos 
memory and for that reason it cannot boot Linux. I tried the UMSDS root 
disk in hopes it didn't need to know anything about the HD, but no joy. 
It seems to be a boot disk problem.

	I did read the stuff for slackware 2.01 and it did say the 
Thinkpad does have a problem. And you should use scsi.gz as your boot 
disk and hold the left-hand shift key but that didn't work on my Thinkpad 
either. I'm at a loss.

	Any help will be appreciated.

	73, de karl k5di@k5di.nm.usa.na k5di@acca.nmsu.edu 
           DOS and Windows some say are bad software, but facts
           do not support this. Bill Gates has more than a 
			Billion dollars! 

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