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GPL-ed code from NOS

In your message of Fri, 09 Dec 1994 09:37:00 PST, you write:
| From: "Phil Karn KA9Q" <karn@qualcomm.com>
| > I am willing to GPL the AX.25 stuff. The NET/ROM stuff was written by
| > Dan Frank, so I have no control over that.
| From: "Brian A. Lantz" <brian@lantz.com>
| > I am willing to GPL all TNOS extensions, servers, and code changes.....
| > Next......
| Great! Wonderful! Excellent! This will help a whole lot. I will contact

I released all my added code for JNOS/Linux into the public domain.  This 
does *not* include unixasy.c, which originally came from WAMPES; it's been 
rather heavily reworked, but I didn't start from scratch.

Unfortunately, my added code is unlikely to be of use to anyone looking to 
enhance Linux kernel AX.25...  :-(

Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH	 []		bsa@kf8nh.wariat.org
Linux development:  iBCS2, JNOS, MH					 ~\U
Controlling application developers is like herding cats. --Oracle DBA Manual

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