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Re: GPL-ed code from NOS

> From: "Phil Karn KA9Q" <karn@qualcomm.com>
> > I am willing to GPL the AX.25 stuff. The NET/ROM stuff was written by
> > Dan Frank, so I have no control over that.
> From: "Brian A. Lantz" <brian@lantz.com>
> > I am willing to GPL all TNOS extensions, servers, and code changes.....
> > Next......
> Great! Wonderful! Excellent! This will help a whole lot. I will contact
> you to verify the specific files you are licensing. I'll put together a
> directory of the GPL-ed code for FTP, and upload it to UCSD. You can
> speed up the process if you wish by pointing me to specific versions and
> their FTP paths.

And something in return - all the GPL'd parts of the Linux AX.25 anyone
wants for porting you can have under the KA9Q copyright as well as the GPL.
That should avoid any problems if people want to use bits of it with the BSD
licensed systems that cannot be GPL'd.


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