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Re: NOS is evil

> I run Linux/JNOS here and have done for several months now, it runs
> a treat and my users love it! I think they would be a little baffled
> if all they got was '$' or '%' !

Our radio society uses it too at the moment. Although its habit of crashing
whenever you W an uknown directory is annoying. NOS has far more functionality,
it has digipeated path support for IP (needed for FlexNET), it has just about
usable NetROM protocol support and it has a lot of utilities and neat additions
for amateur radio (compressed email etc).

> Hmmm, sounds like you are severely knocking the NOS implementation of smtp
> here! DOes it not work for you?? I use JNOS smtp for my incoming
> mail, and then use an alias to forward it to my Linux Sendmail. WOrks
> very well! Also you get the added benifit of LZW compression over
> the radio!

Without wanting to knock the NOS smtp it is but a toy compared with the 
'real thing' sendmail. Equally however the real sendmail alone wouldn't
run in a 640K PC and most people don't need the power.


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