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Re: NOS is evil

> I've noticed something weird: more and more people in our area are
> using Linux for amateur radio, but people are running NOS (a USER

Not only in your area but in lots of places!

> level process, I don't know how many 100kB it takes up to run) under
> Linux!  But Linux already *has* an excellent implentation of TCP/IP
> and KERNEL level support for KISS tnc's and PI cards. For amateur

Sure, but it has no real support for Joe Ham out there! At the moment
as far as I am aware there are no packages that come close to matching
Linux/JNOS for a user friendly front end, i.e. user logging into a
BBS reading mail, sending it, gatewaying (netrom, telnet, AX25),
and *heaps* more!
I run Linux/JNOS here and have done for several months now, it runs
a treat and my users love it! I think they would be a little baffled
if all they got was '$' or '%' !
Mind you if you are willing to write something :-)
> radio TCP/IP, it works great (for run of the mill AX.25 and BBS
> support, it needs some polishing.)
> The mind boggles. I get a laugh when I see people using whatever hack
> NOS has for SMTP, when they have the far more powerful Berkely
> sendmail or Smail sitting under their noses. <Sigh> I guess old
> habits die hard. Time to do some re-education...
Hmmm, sounds like you are severely knocking the NOS implementation of smtp
here! DOes it not work for you?? I use JNOS smtp for my incoming
mail, and then use an alias to forward it to my Linux Sendmail. WOrks
very well! Also you get the added benifit of LZW compression over
the radio!
My outgoing mail, I use ELM and Sendmail. If it goes over the radio
I let JNOS handle it. If I am sending to a non JNOS station I let
Sendmail take care of it. Works fine for me!  
Anyway, I shall leave you to the re-education of the other Linux/JNOS
users out there! :-)
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