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Re: Patents and AX.25

We're working on the FCC's AX.25 requirement. Everyone agrees it has to go.

Regarding the LZW compression, it works well for NOS stations with 1200
baud TNCs, but it can be improved upon. First of all, it doesn't belong
in SMTP. It could be an encapsulation on top of TCP reliable stream
connections that works like an IP tunnel between two systems. You establish
a compressed connection on demand, and then route through it.
That would let it be used for every service, not simply SMTP, and it would
let it be used on a router-to-end-user connection, not simply end-node to
end-node. Compress your HTML pages at the Internet gateway, etc.

Second, it can use an explicitly public algorithm, such as the
one in GZIP, for compression.

Not anything I'm planning on working on - just speculation for now.

	Bruce Perens AB6YM

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