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Re: Patents and AX.25

> > AX.25 in the Linux kernel...
> I'd rather see a PPP or CSLIP ROM in a TNC and not waste my CPU on that.
> The best bet is to go high speed and throw out AX.25.  Most Hams are Nazi's
> anyway - they don't allow third party mail to flow unmolested.  As mentioned,
> third party freedom is the only thing going for AX.25 - otherwise it's
> worthless.

There are good reasons for kernel AX.25. Notably that lots of people want
AX.25 layer services and IP isnt practical for all users. KA9Q for the CBM/64
isn't available yet for example. Things like the packet satellites need
AX.25 too. As to processing overheads, AX.25 UI frames are about the same
as SLIP and lower than PPP or CSLIP


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