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Re: z8530drv at last...

> I finally managed to get the long-promised up to ftp.ucsd.edu.
> It is in /hamradio/packet/tcpip/incoming/ and its name is
> z8530drv-1.6.dl1bke.tar.gz
> z8530drv-1.6.dl1bke.inf      is a short information file.

   This program is free software FOR AMATEUR RADIO USE ONLY; you can
   redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the (modified)
   GNU General Public License delivered with the LinuX kernel source
   --- as long it is still FOR AMATEUR RADIO USE;
You can't do that. The GPL doesn't permit that sort of additional restriction.
If you want to try and achieve that effect put the user programs not the driver
under an amateur only license. You can't stop people going and writing new
tools though. 

The whole point of the GPL is to avoid rewriting and restrictions that stop
sharing. Everyone contributing to Linux let you share their work on the
condition all could share anything you contributed to it. This has gone on
far too long with scc 1.4 etc. Please either correct the copyright or can
Brian remove the offending material from the ucsd ftp archive. If you don't
want to contribute back to a GPL'd project then fine - but don't build on
GPL'd material and seek to ignore the copyright  - that is no different from
stealing commercial software.


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