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Re: z8530drv at last...

   This program is free software FOR AMATEUR RADIO USE ONLY; you can
   redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the (modified)
   GNU General Public License delivered with the LinuX kernel source
   --- as long it is still FOR AMATEUR RADIO USE;

This is a self-contradictory statement.

I do not know what this program does.  So I don't know whether it is a
separate program, or an add-on to the Linux kernel.

If it is a separate program, then legally the author can choose
whatever distribution terms he wishes (though under US copyright law
they can only restrict copying, distribution and modification--not
execution of the program).

But if he doesn't want to permit what the GPL permits, then he has to
write other terms.

If the program is an add-on, then another issue arises.

The Linux kernel is covered by the GPL.  If this program is an add-on
to the Linux kernel, then it has to be available under the GPL too (or
more permissive terms) so that the whole modified Linux kernel *can*
be distributed under the GPL.  You can't add any restrictions to an
add-on to a GPL-covered program; preventing that is one of the main
purposes of the GPL.

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