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z8530drv at last...

 JRD> I finally managed to get the long-promised up to ftp.ucsd.edu.
 JRD> It is in /hamradio/packet/tcpip/incoming/ and its name is

 JRD> z8530drv-1.6.dl1bke.tar.gz
 JRD> z8530drv-1.6.dl1bke.inf      is a short information file.

Thanks!  I'll get this as soon as possible and post it for dial-up download on
the N1BEE BBS, +1 401 944 8498, Fidonet 1:323/107.  For filename compatibility
reasons, I will post these as SCC16.TGZ and SCC16.TXT, respectively.  The prior
versions remain available as SCC14A.TGZ and SCC14A.TXT.  Users logging into the
N1BEE BBS can use the "[L]ocate by keyword" command from the Files Menu to
search the entire BBS for any string in file names and descriptions, such as
"DL1BKE" or "z8530drv".

 JRD> Do me a favour --- read the documentation before you do anything
 JRD> else (scc_eng.doc)!

This is certainly a break with the NOS developer tradition!

 JRD> BTW, is there anybody who can get this thing work together with
 JRD> the DRSI card?

I may have to strip and rebuild two or three machines to do it in order to get
a DRSI card onto a machine running Linux, but I extremely anxious to try this
out.  Unfortunately, I will not have even a minute of spare time to debug it if
it does not work out of the box, at least not for several weeks.

I am particularly interested to see what changes you made against 1.4, which is
what I started using as a base for an OS/2 SCC driver.

 JRD> merry xmas and a good new year...

Best regards to you in de-land.

-- Mike

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