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z8530drv at last...

On 94 Dec 16 at 17:05, John D. Hays wrote:

 AC>>Please either correct the copyright or can Brian remove the 
 AC>>offending material from the ucsd ftp archive.

 JDH> Whoa ... If Joerg wrote this driver from scratch he can 
 JDH> put any kind of licensing he wants on it.

It's more complicated than that.  In his source, Joerg credits PE1CHL and
others who wrote the original NOS SCC driver.  As a result, one could argue
that he is bound under the terms of the NOS copyright, which states that NOS is
free for amateur radio use.  Under the circumstances, I think that Joerg may be
caught between two competing copyright restrictions beyond his control.

It may have been a mistake not to have NOS under the common GPL from the
beginning, but it wasn't.  Any code derived from it is a problem.
-- Mike

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