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In his release notes for z8530drv-1.6, DL1BKE writes:

    DRSI boards won't work, I guess... Try to find out the frequency
    on the PCLK pin (20) of the Z8530 and set "Clock" to this value 
    and "Board = PA0HZP;" in scc_config.h...  This SHOULD work.     

PCLK on the DRSI is 4 915 200 Hz.

My recommended attach for the DOS NOS scc device supporting DRSI is:

# attach scc <numchips> init <baseaddr> <ofs_nextchip> <Aoff> <Boff> <Dataoff>
#     <intack> <irq> <clksrc> <hwtype>
attach scc 1 init 0x300 0x10 2 0 1 0 7 p4915200 8
# attach scc <chan> <mode> <iflabel> <mtu> <speed> <rxbuf>
attach scc 0 ax25 dr0a 256 d1200 512
attach scc 1 ax25 dr0b 256 d1200 512

I have as yet done no testing with the Linux driver; my comment is only an
answer to the question posed in the documentation.

-- Mike

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