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Re: z8530drv at last...

> Whoa ... If Joerg wrote this driver from scratch he can put any kind of 
> licensing he wants on it.  Just because it doesn't fit the notion of "Free 


> Software" as defined in a pure GPL license, doesn't mean there aren't users 
> willing to live with his licensing terms, even if it requires building 
> kernels, etc. specifically for Amateur Radio.  I don't care for the 
> licensing terms of most of the software I use, but I make a decision whether 
> I can "live" with them and then use or don't use the software accordingly.

What I've asked Brian to do is put a note with it making it clear that you
cannot distribute that driver with Linux - even giving a boot disk to a friend
and that includes giving them both seperately for the purpose of them 
remerging it under UK law at least. I don't claim to know much about US law.
It's important people realise this so that they don't distribute the two 

Also BTW the GPL license forbids modified forms of itself. His license is
certainly a derivative of the GPL license and potentially breaching the
FSF held copyright on the license.

> Deleting it is not the answer.

With more thought I'll agree with that. At the very least it'll help someone
write a GPL'd driver.

I'd like to discuss this further if other points want to be raised but I'm
away from work till January alas.


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