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UPDATE: Apple and 2390-2400

I have an update to that breaking story.  It seems that that paper escaped
from Apple *** WITHOUT *** the approval of Apple's Spectrum Guru.  It turns
out that this Apple Spectrum Guru is trying like crazy to _save_ those
prime chunks of spectrum so that we _can_ realize our dreams of very high
speed digital connections, both backbone and local peer-to-peer.

He also points out that the REAL culprit are companies like the baby bells
that want 2300-2310 paired with 2390-2400 so that they can run wireless
local loop service.  And they've invested MEGABUCKS in lawyers to make this
happen!  (Isn't this a great country, where we have the best lawmakers
money can buy!)

THAT is the real threat.  

And the ARRL is doing hardly squat to protect these frequencies.  Their
spectrum defense efforts seem weak and disorganized.  Yes, we all know
wonderful folks at the League, but we just can't meet 21st century 
spectrum challenges lightly, and we need a powerful spectrum defense effort.

(Our new Pacific Division Director is doing a great job, however, and he's
fully up on what's happening re: FCC 94-32 and 94-272 NPRM.)

And you wonder why hams don't file comments on FCC matters?  See if you can
find the section in the ARRL Handbook that describes how to do it (not that
it's hard to file comments!).  (For that matter, try to find the amateur
frequency allocations for the 13cm band in the Handbook... do you ever get
the idea that only HF and 2 meters matters back there in Newington?  I mean,
have we ever considered moving the ARRL HQ to, say, Washington, DC?  THERE'S
a concept!)

Hell, if things keep up, in a few years we're all going to be squeezed into
a few MHz on 2 meters!  Welcome to the Future, where everything is up for
sale to the highest bidder!

-Mike K3MC

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