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N6GN's Higher Speed Packet WWW Page

I've built a WWW page for some of my higher speed amateur networking
pursuits on:


Currently it contains papers, information, drawings and schematics
related to

ARRL Conference Papers
900 MHz Antenna Designs
Multi-Megabit Microwave Link 
Bit Error Rate Tester
"Layer 3 TNC" Project

I'll try to add to it as I have time. 

Glenn Elmore n6gn

amateur IP:	glenn@SantaRosa.ampr.org
Internet:	glenne@sr.hp.com 

|--------------- N6GN's Higher Speed Packet WWW Page -------------------|
|									|
|	ftp://col.hp.com/hamradio/packet/n6gn/index.html		|
|									|

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