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WP for Linux Demo


Reference our earlier telephone conversation.

WordPerfect for Linux presently is WP 6.0(?) for SCO and is available
on 1/4" Quick 150 format.  In Jan 95, they hope to have it on CDRom
and a better linking to Linux.

The single copy/user cost is $395.  $155 for 100-400 copies/users.

For a demo. version, FTP To:

ftp.wordperfect.com  (anonymous login assumed)

WP Sales, 800-321-3280, Lara Rogers
Tech Support 801-228-9903 Pre-Sales (not to helpful)
Tech Support 801-226-5333 Pre-Sales (not to helpful)

Best Regards,

Walt (dba K5YFW)

PS, Well, the cost of getting a new Linux box at the home QTH just
went up...cost of the software plus tape drive...I may wait until Jan
and look at the CDRom.  -- wdd

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