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NEW TOPIC! : What about an AX.25 Bridge?

Since the "Nos is Evil" thread on one of these mailing lists I've been
thinking about how we could provide the local transparant routing required
to decouple local routing from IP subnets.

I've been toying with the idea of a bridge.  It would have the advantages
of not requiring any code changes to existing hardware and it would support
ALL Ax.25 based services, not just IP.

There are a number of technical hurdles (such as what do you do with two of
them bridging the same frequencies etc) but it could provide part of the

The way I see it working is to have a bridge between bit regenerative repeaters.

I know there will probably be idealogical arguments against bridges but
they are a useful tool and might provide some of the functionality we
require! :-)

Any comments?


Carl Makin (VK1KCM)          "Speaking for myself only!"
makinc@hhcs.gov.au      'Work +61 6 289 8443'      Canberra, Australia
'The entire concept of daylight savings time is like trying to make
 yourself taller by cutting off your head and standing on it.' - Usenet Oracle

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