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I have not been following this thread, but I understand from Bob, N3CVL,
that there is some question regarding the 8530 code in scc.c. It has been
a long time since I worked on this, but perhaps the following comments
may help:

1) The driver code is from the PE1CHL version of Net, and I think the
original driver was actually for the Atari. I adapted the code to the
nos/dos world, and tested it with a PC100 card. Rob, PE1CHL, should
be regarded as the primary author of the driver.

2) I have no objections to using the code anywhere, except in a commercial
product, but I would appreciate my name being kept in the code, or in
an acknowledgement. The GNU license is fine with me. PE1CHL, however,
may feel differently.

3) I still get mail on this driver, and try to answer what I can. 
Unfortunately, since I don't currently have a packet station up and
running nos, I am not in a position to keep things current.

4) I would be interested in any Unix drivers based on the 8530 code.
I don't have a lot of time for experimenting now, but I do have a
machine running FreeBSD, and a few 8530 cards around. I would
be interested in a driver supporting the Ottawa PI card, as Bob and
I have a couple of these, and they can be used with interrupts.
I don't have Linux, however, and am very unlikely to switch to it.

-Ken KY3B

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