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Re: changing your ampr.org listing

Bob...  I think this is the instructions you're asking for.  I saved them from 
last July right from the source.

> anybody remember how to send a change to ucsd that will change the 
> address in ampr.org ? 
> n4clh 
> Regards, 
> Bob Austin
-----------saved file below------------

Date: Wed, 20 Jul 1994 09:37:51 -0700
From: brian@ucsd.edu (Brian Kantor)
Message-Id: <199407201637.JAA14394@ucsd.edu>
To: gateways@mpg.phys.hawaii.edu, tcp-group@ucsd.edu
Subject: AMPR.ORG nameserver sewer

	- Brian

Here are the instructions again:  Please try to follow them.
If there is some part that isn't clear, please let me know so
I can improve them.  Thank you.


FTP.UCSD.EDU has the master ampr.org, ampr.org.rev, and amprhosts files
available for anonymous FTP in the /hamradio directory.  These files
are maintained by YOU with the help of a mail robot.

To submit entries to the robot, e-mail to     ampraddr@ucsd.edu
with the data in the body of the message.  You will receive a confirmation
by return mail, unless your mailer puts buggered return addresses in your mail.

Updates are added to the memo database immediately.  Each morning at about
4 am UCSD time, the memo database is processed to make a new version of
the ampr.org domain, the net-44 PTR domain, and the amprnet.hosts files
that are available from the anonymous FTP area.  Usually within a day
or two the nameserver process here is restarted and the changes take effect.

Entries consist of three or four key fields and one data field.  For example,

	wb6cyt in a
	wb6cyt in mx 10 wb6cyt
	wb6cyt in mx 20 cyberpunk.ucsd.edu.
	wb6kdt in cname wb6cyt

The data field is the last field on the line; all the fields preceding
it are considered the key.  If you replace the data field with 'delete',
the corresponding key will be deleted.  Thus to delete the second mx
entry shown above, you would send

	wb6cyt in mx 20 delete

Note that upper/lower case is ignored and may be mixed in any way.

Observe carefully:

1. '.ampr.org' is assumed and should never appear in any entry.
2. names that appear in the ampr.org domain do NOT end with a dot.
3. names that are external to the ampr.org domain MUST end with a dot.
4. you may NOT have a CNAME if ANY other data for that name appears.
5. duplicate keys replace; you don't have to delete an entry and re-add it
   to change it.  Just send the new one and it will replace the old.
6. don't use leading zeros on numbers.  they'll be interpreted wrongly

It is the custom that 'hostname' is either your callsign or a subhost
within your callsign domain, e.g. WB6CYT, PC.WB6CYT, WOMBAT.WB6CYT, etc.
Certain exceptions for system resources (community switches, etc) are
ok, but most stations should stick with callsigns.

A word on MX (Mail eXchanger) records:  If you specify MXs, you should
have one on the AMPRNET (net 44) so that mail sent to you from other
amateurs can reach you there.  If you also have some way for mail from
the connected internet to reach you, you should specify one or more
mailhosts that are connected to the internet and which will forward your

Note that is both unwise and a violation of sound networking principles
to use an "ampr.org" address in mail going to the Usenet or internet
when in fact your ampr.org address cannot be resolved to a host or mail
exchanger connected to the internet.  (There are dozens of people doing
this, and it causes a great deal of annoyance!)
	- Brian

Bob Merritt      ka4byp@mail.radio.org
PO Box 185
Griffin, GA  30224

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