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Weird PING Reply from MSYS node

A new MSYS 1.18 bbs has come up on frequency near me  and the SYSOP sent me a
note this morning about having to go reset his X1J node after he did a
ping to it from the MSYS.  He said it was behaving like a "loop" had occurred
and the MSYS would not stop replying.

Well, I did the smart thing  :)  and pinged from my  JNOS110h station thru my 
JNOS40 node (yes! i have one running!!) and thru his X1J node and the same
happened to me.  Not one reply from one single ping, but near constant replies
for several minutes!  Has anybody ever ran into this before?  Any thoughts to
the cause would be appreciated.  

Bob ka4byp
Bob Merritt      ka4byp@mail.radio.org
PO Box 185
Griffin, GA  30224

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