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MSYS and pings

To say that MSYS 'does IP' a little wierd is like saying that packet radio
(at least in vk2) is a little disorganised.

If you have some strange IP happening and there's a MSYS node along that
chain look at that first.  We had a funny with a system here.

What we had was two NOS stations me on 9k6 port and another on 1k2.
I had a route for the other NOS system via the MSYS one.
So I ping'ed him and got about 1200mS, I was most impressed so I tried a
few more and got amazing results.
I got a bit suspiscous, even more so when this friend said his NOS system
was down!
Yep you guessed it, MSYS was replying to ping requests routed through it,
what a way to go.  I don't know if this has something to do with the 
original posters problem, but it sure had me initally confused.

  - Craig vk2xlz

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