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Re: TNOS for OS/2 &/or WARP

On Mon, 2 Jan 1995, John W. (Bill) Hays, W0OMV wrote:

> Is there a version of TNOS for use on OS/2 and WARP?
> If so, where? i.e. the ftp site.

The standard DOS executables work FINE in a dos box under OS/2 2.x and 
Warp. Set up the DOS box to video restrict to CGA (more memory) and you 
should have over 700K in the box. TNOS lives in this kind of environment 

The home site is lantz.com:/tnos/current/dos

Also available at ftp.ucsd.edu:/hamradio/packet/tcpip/tnos

Happy New Year, everyone!

Brian A. Lantz                        brian.lantz@lantz.com

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		eat_major_portion_of_memory (no_real_reason);
		if (feel_like_it)
			make_user_THINK (this_is_an_OS);

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