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Help needed with autoexec.nos & X1J

I want to run TCP/IP with JNOS through a local X1J NET/ROM node.

My IP address is:

My domain name is: wy1z-1.ampr.org

The Net/ROM node's IP is:

It's AX.25 name is: wg1i-3

The domain switch's IP is:

the domain name is: net.wg1i.ampr.org

I assume my AX.25 name is: wy1z-1

The node has my IP and domain name in the chip.

I am playing with Com 1 at 9600 baud to the TNC, 1200 baud over the air.

My big question/need: What should my autoexec.nos/.net file look like?

Thanks for any help and/or autoexec.nos files you have to offer :-)

Scott Ehrlich	   Amateur Radio Callsign: wy1z     E-mail: wy1z@neu.edu 
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