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Re: SunOS & non-uniform subnet masks..

>        +-----------+                 +----------+
>        | SunOS     |     ethernet    | NOS      |---- 1200/9600 radio links
>        | 44.n.n.n  |-----------------| 44.n.n.m |     connected to 44.x.x.x
>        +-----------+                 +----------+
>              |
>              |
>              |
>          +-------+
>          | Phone |
>          | Modem |
>          +-------+

Why not just move your phone modem over to another port on your NOS
box?  Then you could configure the SunOS system to use the appropriate
subnet mask for your home network, plus a default route pointing to
the NOS box, which has the more detailed routing table.

This does imply that whatever is on the other end of your dialup link
knows it's talking to a network and not just one machine, assuming you
want your SunOS machine to continue talking to the Internet.

This is basically how I've had my home network set up for many years.
The NOS box and phone modem sit in a closet in my radio room, while
the systems I actually use are in my home office.


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