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Re: TCP Window problem ( way too big... )

>    Anyway...  when I've got 50K of NNTP data to send to the NNTP client, 
>and the client uses a 50K TCP Window...  all of NOSs available memory (50K 
>in this exampel) gets used until the Coreleft() value is 0 and the system 
>stops doing anything.  Is there a setting ( or code fix ) that will use
>MIN(remote tcp window size, our tcp window size) for the TCP Window in the
>tcp data transfer? Thanks.

I seem to recall that my code did exactly this, at least at one time.
I'd have to check the source to see if I left it in or took it out.

The real fix, of course, is to port NOS to protected mode so you aren't
as likely to run out of buffer memory. I'm working on it (slowly).


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