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Re: KISS and experimental AX.25

At 8:06 AM 10/1/95, kf5mg@kf5mg.ampr.org wrote:

> packet radio.  It got me to thinking...  does a KISS TNC pass all received
> packets (including invalid ax.25 packets ) to NOS and NOS determines if the
> packet is valid and send a REJ (if needed) or does the KISS TNC determine
> that a packet is invalid and send a REJ frame?  If the KISS code sends all

NOS does all the rejects.  When a frame is received, the TNC (running KISS)
calculates the CRC to verify the frame is valid and then passes the frame
up to the computer.

To do FEC you need to get into the modem and do it there, before the frame
CRC is checked.

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