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Re: z8530drv at last...

In article <9501061425.19872@bhars219.bnr.co.uk> a.d.s b. wrote:
>With the recent messages regarding the SCC driver code, has anyone
>addressed the problem that the current NOS variants have SCC code
>which doesn't match up to the description in the matching SCC.TXT
>file ?
>It appears that PE1CHL NET is the only code which supports all of
>the features mentioned in SCC.TXT, but the source code for that
>version's SCC code is not available in the public domain.

On a visit to Holland in mid 1994, G1PLT asked Rob on my behalf about
this very matter, he said.  I had previously outlined the desirability
of using Rob's excellent code as described in the SCC.TXT file to which
you refer

In particular the following features would be of great benefit to those
uf us interested in improving those parts of the UK Amatuer Radio IP network
that use the Opto-PC-SCC card designed by PA0HZP. (nearly a whole region)

timer ticker
escc support
test mode

Although  I have a copy of PE1CHL Net 920420 with the features present
in the exe, the software itself cannot be used in the radio borne IP
environment that has developed locally :-(

>One solution would be to update (downdate ?) SCC.TXT, but a better
>solution would be a full-featured SCC driver. Is there any chance
>PE1CHL would release his latest SCC code into the public domain ?

May I  add to this question by asking whether anyone is aware of
any particular speed limitation on ports, when using the code in
a NOS on a PC 386/486 (16MHz upwards) driving HDLC cards.

Thank You

Allons Danser!

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