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Re: jnos and popmail

On 6 Jan 1995, Duvall, Mike J. wrote:

> John wrote ...
> > .......  We have 
> >configured popmail on the server and user JNOS and the user popmail logs 
> in 
> >to ther server O.K, but never finds any mail (smtp rewrite file removed 
> from 
> >server). Where does the mail need to go on the server? Do we need some 
> other 
> >kind of rewrite file, etc. If we telnet to the server and get into the 
> BBS, 
> >mail is there!
> It sounds like you have done everything right...
> If the user can telnet to the server and login as himself and see the 
> mail .. then
> his popmail will pick it up in my experience!

No, Johns problem is the afore mentioned rewrite of call@server to 
call@call.ampr.org. The mail is in the smtp queue and cannot be accessed 
from popmail. Change the rewrite to place the mail in a user area. THEN 
if the user can telnet in and read the mail there, then popmail can find 
it also.....

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