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Linux and xNOS questions.

  I hope this is a good place to ask the following questions. I have a 
compaq 486 DX33, running Linux and ms-dos, and a kantronics KAM+ TNC.
First: is there a TNC driver for Linux? I want to be able to be a TCP/IP 
server for our local JNOS TCP/IP area group. I want to be able to use the
built in TCP/IP feauters of Linux.
Secondly: I do have a copy of Tnos for Linux, and it works better than the 
dos versions of xNOS's! is there anyway that I can get the Tnos and Linux's
TCP/IP to talk together? so that I can be able to be on a different VC
and do a ping or what ever and have my Tnos see that I did that from Linux?
Thirdly: What other verisions of xNOS is there that has been ported over
to Linux? and what are the different features on each? I have heard that 
the Tnos has worked the bugs out of the memory leaks? is that true?

Doug Holcombe, KB5YZI                                  inet: holcombe@mc.edu
Mississippi College                                            (601)894-5210
Clinton, MS  39058

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