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PMNOS v1.2

I/We are looking for a, or a few, testers for PMNOS v1.2 .
PMNOS v1.2 is essentially v1.1 with the mailbox options fixed. Some 
more memory bugs in nos fixed and... PI2 high speed modem support!

Consequently we need a volunteer that currently is using the PI2 card, 
preferably with the wa4dsy 56kb modem and, of course, OS/2.

PMNOS still does not support ethernet, nor, in my opinion, will it. This 
support, as well as PI2 and AX25, will be provided thru another, non-nos, 
project I am working on.

This is not intended to be an open enrollment. PMNOS v1.2 is not available 
on ftp.ucsd.edu. PI2 support is currently for channel A only.

PI2 support is being provided thru the cooperation and absolutely 
outstanding efforts of Dale, WA4DSY.


Yeah, I know I said there would never be a v1.2

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