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Re: jnos and popmail

John wrote ...
> .......  We have 
>configured popmail on the server and user JNOS and the user popmail logs 
>to ther server O.K, but never finds any mail (smtp rewrite file removed 
>server). Where does the mail need to go on the server? Do we need some 
>kind of rewrite file, etc. If we telnet to the server and get into the 
>mail is there!

It sounds like you have done everything right...
If the user can telnet to the server and login as himself and see the 
mail .. then
his popmail will pick it up in my experience!  I would look at the trace 
MAKE SURE that the user id and password are being accepted. When I have
had this problem the user has his user id or password or both entered in 
upper case.
By default we use lower case userids and passwords.

Mike Duvall

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