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Re: JNOS TCP/IP routing

>John, hasnt anyone responded to you query yet?
No, you are the first.
>the 44 network is assigned to the Amateur Radio Service. Nothing in your 
>couple of posts indicate you are setting up a AMPR network. jnos is licensed
>to .edu as well as amateur radio operators, 44 net is not.
>I apologize in advance if you already knew this, but nothing from your email
>indicates otherwise.
>-Walt Corey
Perhaps I did not state it clearly. I am talking about tcp/ip via radio (no 
internet) using jnos and setting up a router via a tnc with routing software 
in eprom. The routers are to extend the network to other cities outside our 
current coverage (vhf being rather limited in range). What I am confused 
about is the best way to setup addressing for routing. I would like to use 
the 3rd level, ie 44.42.x.123, where the x would be something other than 0 
for each group of users reached via a router. Is this workable under the IP 
constraints for the ampr.org domain? The discussion I have seen leads me to 
believe that there is a limited number of subnets available in the ampr.org 
[44.] domain, and I did not want to pick a wrong method of routing. I am 
sure there are some out there doing this, and want to benefit from their 

Thanks for your reply. If you are not doing routing of this type, perhaps 
someone else is. By-the-way, I got an error from someones mailer from this 
group, and thought that my original msg might not have gotten distributed, 
as someone usually answers them fairly quickly.

73 -- John kb5ggo
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