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pmnos v1.2

Given the interest in the new PMNOS v1.2 code, I have placed it 
(PMNOS12.zip) in hamradio\packet/tcpip/incoming (or is it tcpip/packet?).
Once Brian processes it, it will most likely be homed at 

I have not put alot of fluff in the zip file. It is essentially v1.1 of 
pmnos with:
1) several more nos memory problems fixed.
2) the mailbox problem of 1.1 appears to be fixed, it was a bad prototype in
the base code.
3) PI2 card support, included with it is pi2drvr.sys, with instructions on 
configuring the driver. pse read if this applies to you.

For doc, aside form the pi2 driver, see the doc with v1.1 of pmnos.

The PI2 driver appears to work fine. It has undergone limited testing by 
Dale, wa4dsy, who has driven it flawlessly at 56kbs. 

Again, port B of the PI2 card is not enabled yet. This will be implemented 
in a future version of the driver and may not require a new pmnos.
As the driver supports native ioctl, PMNOS will be re-released to configure 
the card internally, rather than on the device = stmt.
I hope this proves to be a worthwhile program for you new (and old) OS/2 


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