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Re: PMNOS v1.2

>  r> we are four stations (dj8jg, df5ko,dl4kaw and me dk8g ) here
>  r> We used PMNOS but
>  r> without our 56kb highspeed pieces.
And then Mike Bilow writes:

> You have a problem somewhere.  Here is IBM's summary of what the VDMA.SYS
> driver does, taken from the Virtual Device Driver Reference:

Mike, their 'problem' is they dont currently have the latest PMNOS with 56kb 
PI2 and WA4DSY modem support.  Thats why they sent me the email.

Running some half baked virtualized emulated dos program under OS/2 is 
nobody's solution. To put it in radio terms there is way to much signal loss
virtualizing and emulating an otherwise QRP program. 

Put differently, the only sane reason to run a dos program under OS/2 is if 
there is absolutely no other alternative.

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