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Re: Flag Frames

Apostolos K. Salkintzis wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

> 0111111011111101111110 ...
> or
> 1000000100000010000001 ...

 AKS> I thing the correct encoding is:
 AKS>   0111111101111111011111110 ...
 AKS>   or
 AKS>   1000000010000000100000001 ...
 AKS> Phil, correct me, if I'm wrong.

I vote with Phil: an HDLC flag is six bits of no change in state.  However,
more than six bits of no change in state also counts as a flag.

> Again, the SIO and 8530 will accept either flag stream even though
> they generate only the type without shared zeroes.

 AKS> I'm searching for the 8530's data sheets. Anybody can help ?
 AKS> I have in hand the Intel's Microcommunications handbook
 AKS> which refers to the 82530 SCC. Is it the same ?

I don't know how you would go about this in Greece, but the easiest and
cheapest way to get data sheets on the 8530 is to ask for them from AMD.  They
have a toll-free number that works in the United States -- (800)222-9323 -- and
will send you almost anything you ask for at no charge.  AMD has a whole book
on the 8030/8530 chip, which are the same except for the bus interface.

My AMD book shows offices in Belgium, France, Germany, and Italy, but not
Greece.  I guess your best bet would be to try calling the U.S. application
hotline number, (408)749-5703.  If you send me your mailing address in Greece,
I will call AMD on Monday and see if I can get them to send you a book.
-- Mike

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