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FCC Information

	I see a lot of mail about what the USA Federal Communications 
Commission is doing to the ham bands. I have seldom seen any documented 
information so I decided to look around. Roy Gould N5RG told me about the 
internet arcive FCC has for anyone to use.

	So friday last I did an FTP to ftp.fcc.gov and used anonymous and 
my e-mail address and found myself on a very nice server. I suggest you 
d/l README and index.txt and then log off and read/look at both of these. 
They tell you how the data is stored and how to find a particular type of 
FCC action.

	If your interested in what the telephone companies are doing you 
want to d/l the files that pertain to Common_Carrier and they are very 
interesting! You can see that the small companies like AT&T are in daily 
contact over use of radio spectrum. It is a hot item.

	Alas I work for a living and haven't time to keep a daily check 
on what FCC is doing, but someone with internet savy could and should do 
it. Then you are not guessing.

	As a Army civil servant I was displeased with the recient message 
that stated FCC emplyees were holding sub-rosa meetings with telco 
lawyers. This is illegal and if it IS happening the FCC employees are 
subject to many years in prison! For this reason I tend to think this is 
NOT happening...:)

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