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Re: TCP-Group Digest V95 #23

> ethernet support. OS/2 warp has SLIP but no ethernet or peer-to-peer
> (probably why Warp should have been called Warped). 

And from what I've seen has a few largish teething bugs. Such as traffic
to your own slip address from you going down the slip line all the way to
the remote host and relying on their router to turn it round and send it

> If people don't want a NOS box as a router, then write an NDIS driver
> for KISS that hides all the AX.25 protocol crap, and just looks like
> an ethernet or slip interface, or go all the way and try to do an
> AX.25 protocol layer for Windows/OS2 (ugh).

Phil's AX.25 layer is now GPL'd so all you have to do is wrap it in a DLL
and maybe emulate winsockapi for calls. The big screwup here seems to be
that you can't have multiple protocol DLL's sitting inside of winsock so
you have to use a different DLL


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