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Simple NOS

There are older versions of NOS available that were small in bites and
simple in operation.  I'm running NOS version 910618 (PA0GRI V1.7h + N1BEE's
Mknamme.c) complied by N6PAW on 9/29/91.  It provides POP 2, SMTP, FTP,
TELNET, PING, AX.25 and many other features that I'm not familiar with.  I'm
just a simple user that sends some mail and receives some group broadcasts.  

I'm running it on an XT with 640Kb memory  and 2 3.5" fd, no hd.  I'm also
using BM for the mailer.  It works well, believe it or not.  The only
problems I have is the log file getting too big for my disk.  So there are
some simple solutions out there, maybe they should be revived for those with
less requirements.




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