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Re: NOS with its own OS?

> This is a good idea.  We could take advantage of protected mode and build the
> multitasking kernel into the operating system where it should be.  We could
> make special development tools which are customized to the environment.  We
> could run ancillary processes to handle networking, mail, news, file transfer,
> and all of the other things usually associated with NOS.  We could replace the
> awful DOS file system with a more reliable and faster design.  We could provide
> for virtual memory management using the hardware resources available to us in
> the 386 or better CPU.  We could place the entire project under the GNU General
> Public License and release the full source code.
> Finally, we could call it "Linux."

Sarcasm aside there is an existing free RTOS project call Vsta that would be
far more appropriate if you wanted to build a small tight host system for


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