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AMPR.ORG robot

In your message of Thu, 09 Feb 1995  11:51:00 EST, you write:
|    not have it issue a warning reply if someone makes one of the common error
|    such as trying to define a CNAME record concurrently with other data or
|    appending an extra dot?
| I notice that you used the passive voice, as if some natural event was
| going to happen to make the AMPR.ORG smarter.  I'm not trying to flame
| you.  I'm just pointing out that if someone doesn't volunteer to fix
| it, it isn't going to get fixed.  I don't have time, Brian doesn't
| have time, and you're not volunteering.  So who's going to fix it?

Hm.  I dunno about working on the robot itself, but after some of the
problems caused by bugs in the updates sent in by the local IP coordinator,
I put together some Perl scripts which check for "garbage" in a NOS
domain.txt and output named.ampr and ampr.rev files for the named I run
locally.  (I also taught the IP coordinator the care and feeding of named;
he now uses an OS/2 REXX script to preprocess the domain.txt and check
for/fix problems.)  Would it help if I made these Perl scripts available?

Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH         []         bsa@kf8nh.wariat.org
Linux development:  iBCS2, JNOS, MH         MLS '96 (I do hope!)         ~\U

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