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A trip down memory lane...

...if you are in need of a flashback, download 870227.zip from ucsd's

I was rummaging through some old floppies yesterday and the 870227.8 version
of NET showed up.  The 202,807 byte 870227.zip file contains 4 zip files for
the docs, bm, exe, and src.  In those days, Bdale was "source control"...

Also interesting is the size of the (pklited) NET.EXE: 38,684 bytes (!).
Even before pklite, NET.EXE was 66,256 bytes...

Yes, it was written for Aztec C, yes it is NET (not NOS), yes it doesn't
have all the bells & whistles, but it does work.  Try it!

It's actually kind of fun to use.  If you're used to [JT]NOS, it's like
speaking in an ancient dialect!

There is a later version also on ucsd in the ham/ka9q/net/ subdirectory.

Now, if Phil doesn't chastize me, maybe I can find my CP/M version of Net....

-Mike K3MC

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